Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Fort Worth Show 2015 New Dates, New Days

Happy Holidays from the Fort Worth Show of Antiques & Art
Save the dates for our 2015 show -- Now 3 Days!
Thurs. March 5, Fri. March 6, Sat. March 7, 2015
Will Rogers Memorial Center, Fort Worth.

     Few cities in the world host an antique and art show that is 52 years old --especially one that teems with cutting-edge antiques and art, including Mid-Century Modern, American, French, English, Western, Industrial, Jewelry, Vintage, Garden and more.
    New this year: Amping up the art, including contemporary artists and galleries from across the nation in a new section of the show called "The Art Dept." All across the show, look for more art, furniture, fashion, lighting, textiles, mirrors, repurposed objects, decorative antiques & vintage finds --some at investment prices and some at new collector prices. Fun, fun, fun!
       The show's Happy Hour Party will be Thursday, March 5, 4-7 pm, with cash bars, Music, BBQ and a Vintage Fashion Show.
      For merchandise info and discount coupon, pop over to our FB page at or see

Enjoy Photos here from some of our 150 Top Exhibitors. And Stay Tuned!


 Pop over to our Facebook page to follow dealer features on finds coming to the show.
Happy Holidays from the Fort Worth Show!     March 5,6,7, 2015

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Things Rise to the Top --Two Months Till Show Time!

With extreme cold, the frozen earth can force to the surface small and large objects that have been underground. Today, from Central Texas to Upper Michigan, from Colorado to Maine, the ground across America is unearthing bits of early glass and bottles and buttons, old nails and tools, jewelry long-lost, maybe a Pre-Columbian pot or two. Can you hear America creaking?

That's how it is in the antiques world. Wonderful things are already somewhere, buried, hidden, discarded or just plain ignored until some antiques dealer or collector sees a glint  pushing up through the top of the heap. Isn't that a Paul Evans coffee table behind that tractor? What's that painting under the bed? 

And all across America that's exactly what 120 exhibitors in the March 7-8 Fort Worth Show of Antiques & Art are doing today for you: prowling the world for the amazing objects hidden in our midst. That's part of what it means to have a great eye---or, as Larry McMurtry's Cadillac Jack put it--the ability to see beauty in a dim light--or no light at all!

Please save the dates and join us Friday March 7 & Saturday March 8 for the 51st Annual Fort Worth Show of Antiques & Art. Enjoy the photos below.

Two months till show time--what will they find?


Monday, November 25, 2013

Fort Worth Show Announces Dates -Tell a Friend!

  American  French  English  Art  Jewelry  Garden  Fashion
  Industrial  Vintage  Western  Mid-Century Modern  & More
Fort Worth Show of Antiques & Art
Fri. March 7 - Sat. March 8, 2014
First Antique & Art Show in the American West,
 Only Two Days per Year, Only in Fort Worth
 The Inside Scoop:

On Friday March 7 and Saturday March 8, 2014 the Fort Worth Show of Antiques & Art will welcome shoppers for the 51st year at what has become one of the most diverse antique shows in America. This year look for 120 top dealers from California to Pennsylvania, unpacking antiques and art such as American, French, English, Jewelry, Industrial, Fashion, Western, Repurposed, Garden and Mid-Century Modern.

Few cities in the world host an antique and art show that is 51 years old, especially one with such an adventurous range of styles and prices. Quality will shine at more than one price point, with booths geared for the advanced collector, for the notebook-welding designer and for those just starting to live with antiques, art and vintage style.

"What is unique about the Fort Worth Show is that I travel across America looking for the freshest, hardest-working, most creative dealers in every category and era of merchandise,” says Show Director Jan Orr-Harter. “And then I push them to bring their very best finds at their very best prices.”

2014 Show Theme: Mix It Up! Mixing Styles of Antiques

In tribute to the diversity of the show, the 2014 show theme will be “Mix It Up! Mixing Styles of Antiques.” Exhibitors will showcase vignettes that unite styles: an office with a traditional wooden desk and mid-century modern seating, balanced by industrial lighting and a Swedish print. A style show will combine vintage and artist-made clothing, jewelry, handbags and boots to mix vintage fashion styles.

Six Shops Over Texas

The 2014 show also features six exhibitors who own shops across Texas, including LR Antiques of Houston, Adele Kerr & Co. of New Braunfels, the new shop ReVAMP in San Antonio and famed Dallas shop Again & Again. The six shops will bring a taste of their style to the Fort Worth Show, putting their own twist on the “Mix It Up!” theme.

Dwell with Dignity
Benefit Booth

This year’s Benefit Booth has been awarded to Dwell with Dignity, the Dallas organization of interior designers who create calm, functional and beautiful environments for families escaping poverty and homelessness. The Dwell with Dignity both will “mix it up” by styling a new bedroom designed for a child who has lived only in a shelter.

 For show details, call 817-291-3952 or follow the show on Facebook or at
 or at

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Fort Worth Show - Come with a Friend

The Fort Worth Show of Antiques & Art Tip: Come with a friend.

In selling at antique shows for 24 years, I have done a lot of people watching. I see pairs of people who attend antiques shows together. It may be a couple. It may be sisters. It may be old friends. It may be a date. It may be an interior designer with a special client. It may be best friends. It may be an “antiquing friend.”

Sometimes I see mother-daughter teams shopping together and frequently I see mother and daughter-in-laws. One Thanksgiving weekend, far from my Fort Worth family, I went to an antique show in a Maryland farmer’s field with my mother-in-law Ginny. She bought a necklace with a pendant made out of a vintage silver fork. She loved oddball things like that. Today I cherish that memory of being with her on that beautiful day in that farmer’s field and one of her granddaughters cherishes that funny necklace.


More and more, I see multiple generations at shows---a grandmother and granddaughter, an aunt and a niece. I have realized that those who come to a show in pairs have a different show experience—and it meets different needs---than for those who come with a larger group or who crave to come alone. More on those two shopping styles later.

Two is small enough to stay together, small enough to come in one vehicle and even small enough to have less competition for the same antique that both may covet. It’s a second opinion. It’s also a relationship-nurturing scale. Two can experience their time together as valuable to them. They not only invest in antiques. They invest in time together.
I think of Beverly and Sarah, a mother-daughter team who simply would not go to a show without each other. This is part of what they do together. They each have their own households and their own styles, but they spend time together at antique shows. Sometimes they spur each other on toward a purchase and sometimes they hold each back. They value one another’s opinion. They value one another.

I think of co-workers Kenneth and Caroline. On their days off, they love to shop together. They each listen to what the other would like to have. While one is not looking, they each will whisper, “Hold that, I’ll get it for their Christmas present.” Many presents later, this is a strong friendship. They enjoy the company of beautiful things together. They would have it no other way.

I think of Aimee and Dudley, a young couple with children. They leave the children with a sitter and meander through antique shows to experience an environment together that inspires them to go home and nurture their nest. They shop for antiques and vintage items for their children. The children are in their minds, but this is their time together to gain perspective on their lives. They are not at work, not at the computer, not watching TV. They are moving through an extraordinarily beautiful space together, gaining inspiration for enhancing their own home. I envy them. My husband would rather nap in the car!
I think of mother-daughter Marty and Laura. They live in different cities. They meet at antique shows. The mother buys jewelry—she already has a full house. With the mother’s encouragement, the daughter carefully selects something wonderful that she plans to carry from home to home throughout her life. Someday, when she needs it most, she will look at an antique in her home and it will bring her mother’s presence to her.

Two is a strong number. Two is fun. Two goes a long way.

Who would you like to spend a delightful day with? Call them. Forward this blog to them. Meet them at the 50th Annual Fort Worth Show of Antiques & Art, March 8-9, 2013.

Find a Show Discount Coupon at

Saturday, February 2, 2013

We're on Market Warriors Mon Feb. 4 PBS

Catch us, Della and Jan Orr-Harter, on PBS "Market Warriors" Mon. Feb 4, 8 pm Central Time on KERA Ch. 13 in DFW or 9pmET/PT, right after "Antiques Roadshow."
Well, it started like this: we left Texas last summer, spent a night in NM with a Paschal High School friend...then drove straight across the desert to LA and put our toes in the Pacific Ocean.

Then we found our way to Long Beach and parked along the curb in the dealer line at Veterans' Stadium to wait all night to set up at the Long Beach antiques/flea market at 5 the next morning. We drove half way across America and we were second in line. It's a great outdoor monthly show, but it was a long way from our prairie home.   

In the early dark morning, we set up our booth, mostly vintage jewelry and mid-century modern. Jan takes off "in search of merch" and looking for dealers to invite to the Fort Worth Show. Della, an old hand after growing up in the antiques business, runs the booth. A tough bargain involved the money that she would get to keep-- most of it. Della was 12.

Arriving back at the booth, Jan sees a camera crew listening to Della's remarks--on what??
Turns out that "Market Warriors" was filming an episode and we were going to be in it.
That's all I'm allowed to say in advance! But you can see the Long Beach episode this Monday Feb 4 on PBS nationwide, 8 CT (9ET/PT). That's me hiding under a hat after sitting up all night in the van. Oh well, so much for my close up!

See the 1970s Milo Baughman cocktail table in our booth? Burl wood and steel, very sexy. It debuted at last year's Fort Worth Show, but was snapped up by a Long Beach shopper. The magazine on the table shows the same Milo Baughman table in Jonathon Adler and Simon Doonan's FL home.

Get yourself to the Fort Worth Show! 
50th Year! Fri. March 8 - Sat. March 9, which will soon be here.

Friday, January 4, 2013

From California to Curtis, Michigan, this Show was Made for You & Me

This is such a cool job! Driving all over America looking for the very best mix of antiques and art dealers to invite to the March 8-9 Fort Worth Show of Antiques and Art. As far as I know, no one anywhere ever before has had the privilege of creating a 50th anniversary for an antique show this big, this diverse and this much fun. I’m trying to not screw it up!

The search began with a drive to California. And, as we crossed the Mojave Desert, what did we see in the distant horizon?
A sign of hope: Antiques in the desert!

We made it to Long Beach, CA (you can see Della and me on the PBS “Market Warriors” Long Beach episode on Monday Feb. 4). We drove up one side of the state and down the other. Next we hit New Mexico with Associate Show Director Cissy Thompson, looking for dealers from mid-century modern to Native American and African tribal art. Up to Oklahoma, over to Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, New York and Massachusetts. Spent the night on the edge of Niagara Falls. Back down to Texas, to Round Top, back up to Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and as far north as Curtis, Michigan in the Upper Peninsula, actually about as far north as you can go.  This week we’ll hit Kansas City and tiny Weston, MO, home of our friend Fancy from Cactus Creek Trading Co. We get around.
The show is filling up with over 100 of the most creative, cutting-edge exhibitors from coast to coast. For previews of dealers and merchandise coming to the 50th Anniversary Fort Worth Show March 8 - 9, sign in to follow this blog at or a take a little peek on 

Save the Date. Tell a Friend. Stay Tuned.

Monday, September 24, 2012

FYI New Blog Name for Fort Worth Show of Antiques & Art

Hello, followers of the blog of the Dolly Johnson Antique & Art Show--- As part of our 50th anniversary show on March 8-9, 2013, we are changing the name of the show and the name of the blog as of today. The new show name is the "Fort Worth Show of Antiques & Art" --or, for short, the Fort Worth Show. Please note the new blog name, as the old Dolly Johnson Show blog will no longer be available. The blog is now
We will be up and running soon. Stay tuned! best, Jan Orr-Harter, Show Director

Monday, March 5, 2012

Uncommon Objects of Austin to Exhibit at the March 9-10 Antique & Art Show DFW

Uncommon Comes to Cowtown
Booth Talk with Steve Wiman, Proprietor of Uncommon Objects, at the March 9-10 Dolly Johnson Antique & Art Show in Fort Worth.
Topic: "Simplify with Color"
Times: Fri. at 5 pm & Sat. at 1pm. Booth F3

The Austin store Uncommon Objects will come to life this Friday and Saturday at the Dolly Johnson Antique & Art Show, filling a premiere booth with the spirited, affordable vintage and antique items that have landed the store on “the best” lists of The New York Times, Elle D├ęcor, Texas Monthly and others since 1991.

Proprietor Steve Wiman and Manager Van Harrison will select the objects coming to Fort Worth from among the 20 dealer exhibits at the South Congress-Austin store. Harrison is the nephew of Fort Worth mayor Betsy Price.  

In addition to founding Uncommon Objects, Steve Wiman is an artist “whose medium,” according to Tribeza magazine, “is found-object assemblage (think Robert Rauschenberg by way of Joseph Cornell) and his aesthetic is what makes Uncommon uncommon.”

As Wiman himself puts it, “Uncommon Objects is a junk mecca full of quirky stuff: oddities, urban artifacts, antiques, collectibles and ‘raw’ materials for creative living.... My antique business, my art-making and my life are bound together by a common goal--- find beauty where you can and make the most of it.”

For 20 years, Uncommon Objects has been a vibrant and affordable port-of-entry into antique and vintage living for a generation of American young people---- ‘Antiques 101’ at its best.

But Uncommon Objects is also a not-so-secret source for those long-besotted with antiques.

For me, as director of the oldest Antique Show in the American West, it's exciting to welcome the best antique store in Texas to the Dolly Johnson Antique & Art Show. I always emerge from their mix with both an object and an objective for living life with more passion and joy.

 I went last summer to the Uncommon Objects 20th Anniversary 20 hour sale on June 20. The giant "20" in the store window and the streamers were all made out of the saved price tags of 20 years worth of sales. Now that's thinking ahead re-purposing!  

Shop with Uncommon Objects this week at the 49th Annual Dolly Johnson Antique & Art Show in Fort Worth. Free Booth talks with Steve Wiman will last about 15 minutes on Friday at 5pm and again on Sat. at 1pm in Booth F3. Topic: "Simplify with Color."

When in Austin, Visit Uncommon Objects at 1512 S. Congress, Austin, TX 78704 Open Daily.

See more on Uncommon Objects and the March 9-10 Dolly Johnson Antique & Art Show in the hot-off-the-press March 2012 issue of our fabulous 360West Magazine in Fort Worth at:

Sunday, February 26, 2012

What's Coming March 9-10 to the Dolly Johnson Antique & Art Show?

The bluebonnet leaves are up and at 'em and so are 75 exhibitors for the March 9-10 Dolly Johnson Antique & Art Show. From coast to coast, they are packing their best finds for Fort Worth. What's coming to the show?

Quality always comes ---and it comes in wide mix of styles, classic to modern. This Eames Surfboard table was bought at last year's show.  
A French-Primitive-Modern mix will arrive with Vickie Kienast Antiques.
Then we look for style-setters who created the looks that you see in home decor magazines, such as Indiana's Lisa McQueen of Queenie Tin Mirror Co. Look at these fabulous mirrors and frames, some tin, some 19th c. gilt.
Then we whip into the mix a couple of brand new dealers, such as Remnants & Revival, doing their first show ever.

Then we top it all off with something wacky like the vintage life-size Barbie and Ken coming with Pinkie's, a new shop in the Fort Worth Stock Yards.

So from far and near, here they come. Put it on your calendar for Friday March 9, 9 am-7 pm and Saturday March 10, 9 am-5 pm at the Will Rogers Memorial Center in the Fort Worth Cultural District. Stay tuned for more sneak peeks of the 49th Annual Dolly Johnson Antique and Art Show, which will soon be here!  Please share with a friend.